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Paolo Bortolussi – Israfel

The four works on this recording highlight some of the incredible developments that have taken place in the electronic music world. But perhaps more importantly, these are all powerful, romantic, lyrical, beautiful pieces that take full advantage of the technology available at the time. In many ways this album is as autobiographical as it is historical: each piece came to me at a different time in my life, and each has changed me as a musician and artist. So it hardly needs saying how wonderful it is to be able to share such deeply personal music.

Paolo Bortolussi – Israfel

The Nu:BC Collective – Beyond Shadows

“It is also extremely difficult music to play well, and the members of the collective are to be commended for their ability to both cope with the exceptional technical demands and make something coherent out of it. This is a fascinating disc of modern music, played by musicians who seem to me deeply committed to this ideal.” – Lynne René Bayley – Fanfare Magazine May/June 2015

The Nu:BC Collective – Beyond Shadows